Huge concern amongst brides, regular worry for the grooms. Looking good at the everlasting memories of your wedding is something you surely wish to happen. How can you make yourself completely sure that you’ll look amazing in all the photographs that your trusted wedding photographer is going to shoot? Well, that’s we are going to tell you here in the following tips so you look dashing in every single one of your wedding pictures from posed to candid.

Practice some posing

Ok, this one sounds silly, but it truly helps in getting those amazing looks when the actual photographs happen at the big day. You need to find your best angles when looking at the camera, so practice your smile and get to know your best poses too. Slight head tilts could make the great difference for you. Have you ever wondered why you look better when sitting to the right or to the left of your fianc√©? Well, actually there is a simple answer to that, it is because we all joy of a more appealing side of the face; you just need to find yours and practice your most beautiful looking angles. Here’s a great article about head tilting and posing written by our fellow photographer Adam Richards.

Don’t be afraid of kicking up some poses

Striking a pose shouldn’t get you afraid, especially when being at the very center of the group shots. Certain body gestures and positions will help you get a thinner look. For example, you may want to keep your arms slightly away from your sides because doing otherwise will result in thicker looking arms. Also you may want to tilt your body a little bit to a side instead of facing straight into the camera. Don’t forget about the slight head tilting moves we mentioned above. We are sure your trusted wedding photographer will know how to direct you in the best looking poses for you, but for the group shots, where he or she needs to arrange everybody in no-time, this little tricks will assure that you’ll look amazing in the crowd.

Your makeup will be particularly heavier

Remember that you’ll have a particularly peculiar makeup that day, and its heaviness respond to a special purpose. It must last all day long and night as well. Mixed light situations is quite harsh on regular make-ups, that’s the reason why the coverage is thought to be extreme. Also your bridesmaids have to act swiftly for any quick re-touch on your hair and makeup.

The obvious tip, SMILE!

Of course, that one is obvious, but is something you just don’t need to forget, so in case you are not so much of a smile person, remember that smiles make the best out of pictures. Don’t overthink it so much too, just enjoy the moments and show that joy.

Enjoy every single moment

Candid wedding photography captures the best nature of human beings, so if you are enjoying every single moment, by laughing, dancing and chatting naturally, trust us, those nature pictures will look amazing.